Membership Renewal Programs

To some universities or vendors, Membership Renewal Programs can seem like a small or insignificant mailing. However, at Intelliform, we understand that retaining alumni membership is essential to the success of the Association. Increasingly, Associations are under pressure to increase their response rates on their renewal programs. Intelliform can help Alumni Associations with a variety of proven approaches to membership retention. Working within the Association's parameters, we plan, design, personalize and mail the renewal notices.


Once an Association program is in place, the renewals go out in the mail exactly on schedule. Data is forwarded to Intelliform on a monthly basis (via email, or our secure FTP), reports are generated for the Association, personalization is completed and the mailing is delivered to the Post Office, all within 3 or 4 days.


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Partner with Intelliform

Intelliform has a long history of collaborating with Alumni Associations, giving us more knowledge and experience in member solicitations than anyone else in the market. We work hard to understand the goals of the Alumni Association and make sure that the final product aligns with your needs.


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