How We Do It

Given Intelliform’s experience with Alumni Associations, we can help to make sure that the final product is precisely what you and your members will want. This ongoing project consultation is an invaluable service that Intelliform provides in addition to our high-quality mailings. As the market leader, we understand and know this market better than anyone else, and our expertise in solicitation consulting will ensure your satisfaction.


Our Process

Your partnership with Intelliform begins with our gaining an understanding of exactly what you want. Together, Intelliform and the Alumni Association will develop goals and objectives of the project, discuss the budget, and determine the best product for the intended audience.


After the project idea is clear, the Alumni Association can choose to work with Intelliform to develop the creative for the solicitation. If instead you choose to provide your own in-house creative, Intelliform will partner with your designers to make sure all components of the project fit together seamlessly for a superior final product. We provide our customer Associations a client login to our secure ftp site, which allows for the easy, fast and secure transfer of data and artwork between the Alumni Association and Intelliform.


Intelliform then goes through an exhaustive data manipulation and proofing process to ensure the accuracy of your project. After printing, all components of the mailings are proofed again and consolidated together. Finally, we can help you navigate the USPS, mitigating postal costs to be as little as possible and making sure the mailing follows postal compliance.


At Intelliform, we work hard to make sure you’re fully satisfied with every step of the solicitation process, from the original idea concept to the final product mailing.

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Partner with Intelliform

Intelliform has a long history of collaborating with Alumni Associations, giving us more knowledge and experience in member solicitations than anyone else in the market. We work hard to understand the goals of the Alumni Association and make sure that the final product aligns with your needs.


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